Will renting office space change from here?

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In a post-Covid world things might start to look a little different when it comes to office space, as hygiene and safe working become of paramount concern.

Though there’s nothing new about a daily office clean, in co-working spaces, workers might not be too keen on the idea of sitting at a desk where someone else was sitting just a few minutes before. It could be that shared diskspace starts to be replaced by larger, fixed desks to help maintain better social distancing.

With phone handsets being notorious harbourers of germs, companies may switch to virtual phone systems which are cloud-based and enable workers to make and receive calls through their mobile or computer. They also enable people to work remotely, quickly.

Flexible office space may gain appeal as companies may wish to downsize or upsize at short notice depending on how their business continues throughout the recovery phase and as restrictions ease.

Daily cleaning services of communal areas such a kitchen, seating areas and toilets are common, and though communal areas are usually well-kept, cleaning of communal spaces may well increase and become part of the daily clean just like those other more sensitive areas.

Early on in the crisis, cleaning supplies and other everyday goods rapidly went out of stock. Though most goods are now easily come by for companies and individuals, running short could compromise office hygiene. Obviously, professional cleaning companies can provide specialist return to work and post-Covid cleans in office settings, as well as ongoing daily or scheduled cleans.

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