Why bother with commercial cleaning?

One issue of with regard to cleaning offices and other commercial properties is that it may only be done superficially - a quick empty of the bins, a quick spray and wipe, and a quick vacuum. While this may make everything look fine on the surface, it doesn’t really...

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Staff office precautions

Slowly but surely, life is returning to our offices, but a recent survey in the US suggests that workers are still concerned and are taking preventative steps themselves to reduce risks and improve hygiene, even as coronavirus recedes. Being vaccinated, wearing a face...

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Dog-proof the house

If you have a dog no doubt you wouldn’t be without it, but there’s no denying the joy of ownership comes with a penalty of mud, hair, dust and dirt. So, how do we keep on top of things in the doghouse? Well, after a walk, use a damp cloth to gently wipe down their...

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Hot in the office

While most of us enjoy it when the temperature rises, hot weather can take a toll on office productivity. Yet given that we can’t all move round the office as the sun moves round, what can we do about it? Well, a bit of common sense doesn’t go amiss, starting with...

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Keeping pests out of the office.

The last thing anyone wants, as back-to-the-office work gradually returns, is to find that in our absence, unwanted four-legged visitors have decided to share the workspace. Basically, pest control in the work environment is fundamental and essential as failure to do...

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Low effort, big reward cleaning.

For most of us, cleaning is a necessary evil rather than a leisure activity to be approached with relish. As such, it tends not to be one of our highest priorities and yet leaving it doesn’t make us feel much better either. Of course, some people gain a huge amount of...

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Cleaning on spec and on budget.

How do you get your office areas cleaned on spec and on budget? Obviously, choosing the right cleaning contractor is key, and one of the reasons you should pick them is that they offer flexible and efficient solutions, tailored to your requirements, with a full...

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Cleaning the hob.

Most of us are inspired to cook at least occasionally, but an unfortunate by-product of cooking is cleaning the hob which can be a bit of a nuisance. So, it makes sense that a reliable routine can help you out whether you clean up immediately or whether you’ve left it...

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Cleaning with drones

It comes as no surprise if we walk along a canal towpath or riverbank to find litter and other rubbish spoiling the way. Although plenty of it stays, plenty also gets washed away and ultimately finds its way to the sea where it often adds to the pollution there - and...

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Proper preparation and planning…

It’s that time again – the sun’s out and showing up all the corners that we’ve averted our gazes from over the last few months and it’s time for a spring (or summer) clean. But instead of what thinking about what we should do, what shouldn’t we do when it comes to...

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Commercial Cleaning and Office Cleaning North West | SMClean NW | Cleaners
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"Reed have been using Service Master as a cleaning provider for some time now.

Overall, on behalf of Reed Chester office we are happy with the level of service we receive and will continue to use Service Master for the foreseeable future."



"Service Master provides us with an excellent service. I always know they are contactable, really approachable, and nothing is ever too much trouble!"



"The levels of service provided to us by Service Master are fully appreciated.

Our cleaners are friendly, never fail to clean our headquarters to an excellent standard, and have become part of our team.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with ServiceMaster and would recommend them to any business that requires a professional, friendly, and reliable service."


"Really pleased with our new cleaner from SMCS. He's punctual, enthusiastic, doesn't hang around and achieves as much as possible in his allotted time!

Nothing is too much trouble!"