The rise of commercial cleaning

It’s fair to say that due to coronavirus, people are far more concerned about how clean their offices or commercial premises are, especially as cases appear to be on the rise again. Consequently, the essential staff who do the commercial cleaning are gaining a higher...

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Deep cleaning your personal workspace

For those returning to the office after time away, their workspace is probably going to need some specific care. Having been unused for any length of time there is likely to be a build up if dirt, dust and general grime. Although a nuisance, the known productivity...

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Clean up to improve business

Productivity is a vital indicator of business performance in terms of profitability and competitiveness, and though productivity can be measured in various ways, staff play a key role because increased workforce productivity levels hopefully leads to more profit...

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Getting hay fever clean away

An unwelcome downside to warm dry weather at this time of year is the increase in pollen which can create misery for people who suffer from hay fever or other allergies. In fact, around 37% of adults in the UK put up with symptom such as sneezing, itchy eyes, and...

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Dealing with condensation

When there is too much humidity in a property, condensation can form on the inside of the windows. Water vapour in the air comes into contact with a surface that is at a lower temperature (such as the glass in a window) and as the air cools on contact, excess water...

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A clean workplace matters

Workers are finally returning to the office and now, more than ever, a clean space will be high on the agenda for company culture in terms of perception, productivity, and safety. The environment will be crucial to staff engagement and one way to support this is by...

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Looking after walls properly

Walls are probably one of the most overlooked areas of a property when it comes to dedicated cleaning. As they don’t tend to strike most of us as a priority, we often assume that what they really need is a lick of paint every few years. But once the time and effort...

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Which businesses need commercial cleaners?

Cleaning looks set to remain high on the agenda for employees, clients, and organisations in general as the pandemic has raised concerns and awareness about the cleanliness of their workspaces. A couple of years ago, few of us would have imagined that the length of...

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Commercial cleaning and advanced tech.

Another consequence of the pandemic has been a raised awareness and expectation for businesses to be regularly and properly cleaned and maintained with an eye on infection control in a way that perhaps was not the case previously. New disinfecting products,...

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Looking after carpets

Carpets can be an expensive investment so knowing how to care for them not only maximises the return, it’s obviously going to keep them looking better too. Unfortunately, however, at this time of year, we usually endure the worst that the British weather has to offer....

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Commercial Cleaning and Office Cleaning North West | SMClean NW | Cleaners
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"Reed have been using Service Master as a cleaning provider for some time now.

Overall, on behalf of Reed Chester office we are happy with the level of service we receive and will continue to use Service Master for the foreseeable future."



"Service Master provides us with an excellent service. I always know they are contactable, really approachable, and nothing is ever too much trouble!"



"The levels of service provided to us by Service Master are fully appreciated.

Our cleaners are friendly, never fail to clean our headquarters to an excellent standard, and have become part of our team.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with ServiceMaster and would recommend them to any business that requires a professional, friendly, and reliable service."


"Really pleased with our new cleaner from SMCS. He's punctual, enthusiastic, doesn't hang around and achieves as much as possible in his allotted time!

Nothing is too much trouble!"