Can cleaning really reduce our stress levels?

It seems that we are living in an era of increased anxiety, where concerns for our health, safety, relationships, politics and finances is mixed up with uncertainty and an increasing struggle to cope with the pressures of modern life. It’s as if the more chaotic the...

The broken ocean cleaner

You’ve probably heard of ocean garbage patches – huge floating rubbish dumps formed by rotating ocean currents that pull marine debris like litter, fishing gear and plastic into one location in the sea. The most well-known of these – the Great Pacific Garbage...

So why shouldn’t we combine household cleaning products?

A quick look would probably show that most of us have plenty of different cleaning products from toilet cleaner, to bleach, to vinegar, to kitchen and bathroom cleaner and everything in between stashed under the sink. And, as they all do much the same fundamental job...

What’s the cost of a dirty workplace?

It has been well-documented that the typical office desk has more than 10 million bacteria, (which incredibly is 400 times more than a toilet seat), many people don’t wash their hands and most surfaces are officially dirty. So, besides the obvious potential impact on...

Does cleaning during the day affect office staff?

For a long time, cleaning the office was usually done after (or before) hours and folk turned up for work the next day to a nice, clean space. However, cleaning during office hours is becoming more and more frequent, so what, if any, are the benefits and how do the...

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