How do you stay focused in an open office?

Some people thrive on the interaction of an open plan office but for some, it can be a nightmare, especially when you’ve really got to focus. Loud conversations, ringing phones, other people’s mess and untidiness – they can all put you off badly if it’s not how you...

The technology that aims to clean up space

NASA has awarded Vestigo Aerospace LLC, a start-up company affiliated with Purdue University, Indiana, a $125,000 grant to advance the technology they are developing to help remove debris from Earth orbit. Experts suggest that over the next 5 years up to 2,600 micro...

Why we need to do more for clean air?

Between 1970 and 2010, early deaths linked to dirty air fell by 50% due to government action. Good work, yes, but toxic air is still a health hazard that continues to need urgent action. The reason for the fall was the clean up of vehicles and power stations over...

When it’s time to clear your desk.

Well, it makes sense doesn’t it? When your space is a mess, it’s bound to affect your work. If you’re up to your elbows looking for stuff on a messy desk (or desktop for that matter) you’re not working. So far, so obvious, but did you know that research has shown the...

Bi-solar leaf technology can clean the air.

Similar to the way solar panels generate electricity, scientists are cultivating the bio-organisms on a panelling system that can be installed on buildings or land, but instead of electricity, these panels produce microscopic plant life that can produce nutritious...

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