Cleaning a medical workplace

Whilst they are a part of commercial cleaning, medical facilities require a more specialist approach than a standard office commercial clean. Hospitals, GP surgeries, and healthcare clinics are inevitably places in which germs and bacteria concentrate, and as such they need professional cleaning from medical facility cleaning providers to help maintain a clean, safe environment.

  • Cleaning medical facilities requires a specialist approach.
  • Medical facilities should be suitably cleaned and sterilised to limit germs and bacteria.
  • Infection control in medical workplaces is best achieved through expert cleaning providers who can offer appropriate infection control measures.

First and foremost, using a professional cleaning company which specialises in cleaning medical facilities means that staff have been professionally trained in the correct disinfection and cleaning procedures, and the disposal of waste.

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) means that no corners are cut when using gowns, masks and gloves protecting cleaners, patients and staff.

As cleaning refers to the removal of dirt and grime and disinfection refers to removal of bacteria and viruses, it’s important that appropriate cleaning products are used. Simply using concentrated harsh chemical cleaning products may damage surfaces and equipment. In a healthcare environment, the right products are required to kill microbes and germs effectively while keeping surfaces and equipment safe.

Similarly, the right products will not produce optimum results unless the correct procedures are followed. Cleaning comes first, followed by disinfection using the correct products in the correct concentration, in the correct way.

This involves using dedicated cleaning products, equipment, and tools for the surfaces being treated to avoid cross-contamination as well as thoroughly cleaning equipment and tools between each use.

It’s important to pay meticulous attention to high touch surfaces (although these would need attention in any workplace environment) in high traffic areas such as light switches, door handles and keypads, cupboard handles and surface tops. It’s also necessary to remember hidden surfaces as they are just as likely to harbour germs as the visible and obvious ones.

Any surface can trap viruses and bacteria. In a medical workplace, not only will the building and its surfaces be exposed to an increased level of germs, they are also the places in which staff and patients are more likely to be exposed to them and spread them.

For medical and healthcare facilities, choose a reputable provider who is able to offer specialist cleaning, antibacterial protection, infection control, and decontamination services, and who is able to tailor their service to the individual requirements of each client.

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