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Perhaps now, more than ever, people are thinking very carefully about effective cleaning in the home. To minimise the risks posed by bacteria and germs, an important process is to monitor how often we replace household cleaning items.

Kitchen sponges are often kept way past their useful lifecycle and can be a magnet for bacteria. Ideally, they could be replaced weekly, but their use can be extended by soaking them in a bleach solution for about 5 minutes then rinsing well. Either way, they should always be rinsed after using.

Mopping the kitchen floor is one of those jobs that if done little and often can be much less of a chore, but inevitably, the more we do it, the more bacteria will be collected in the mop. So, always rinse it through after using and consider replacing it every couple of months.

Just like sponges, cleaning cloths are bound to pick up bacteria and germs amongst all the other dirt. However, an easy solution is to run them through the washing machine regularly – perhaps after a weekly clean – then air them until dry so they are ready for the next use. They too could probably be replaced every couple of months, but a regular machine wash should extend their life.

Pay attention to washing up gloves because the ones we use for washing the dishes should not be the same ones we use for cleaning the loo! Both pairs should last fairly well and only need replacing upon signs of wear. However, remember to clean the loo gloves with soap and water after use…

Scrubbing brushes are not perhaps as common as they once were, but they’re still useful. Though they generally last longer than sponges, they still wear away as the bristles are lost so the time to replace them is when they start to look a bit ragged or aren’t working so well – and  the same goes for a broom.

Popular dust magnets, feather dusters need replacing if the feathers begin to fall out. After use they should be shaken outside to remove any dust and dirt. Doing the same with cloth and microfibre dusters, plus a regular wash, should make them last for a long time.

Happy cleaning!




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