Fancy a luxury heated toilet?

Fancy a luxury heated toilet?

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Who wouldn’t?

Well, since the days of older school pupils getting younger pupils to sit on a toilet seat and warm it up have gone, and our predilection towards a remote controlled life, surely there has to be a gap in the market.

Omigo – a company which, having experienced the magic of a Japanese heated toilet – felt compelled to spread the joy in the west – specifically the U.S.

Firstly, the Omigo has a built in water heater so there’s little chance of an unexpected bracing shock. In addition, the top of the range model seat has four different heat settings and an LED night light (which you can switch off if you like living dangerously) so you can see it in the dark. You can select from back or front cleaning options and choose your own spray width and pressure. The nozzles or ‘self-cleaning spray wands’ move back and forth, and ‘active oscillation’ extends coverage and provides a deeper clean.

And if all that isn’t enough, there’s even an integrated warm air dryer.

The Omigo is available in two different shapes, round or elongated, to account for the shape of toilet that you already have installed – and it’s claimed to be easy to fit yourself in around 20 minutes, with no need for a plumber. What’s more, all of the functions can be controlled with a wireless remote control kept within easy reach on the wall.

Finally, a deodoriser removes air through an activated carbon filter and the seat uses touch-free technology in the form of automatically self-cleaning nozzles and silver ion sterilisation to clean itself.

From environmental perspective, Omigo says that a bidet uses around one pint or of water per wash as opposed to the 37 gallons of water needed to produce 1 roll of toilet paper. When you think that the average Brit uses around 110 rolls per year, that’s an awful lot of water.

You’ll need to go to America to get one of these particular models, but other types are available…

Apparently, washing is better than wiping.

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