Can contactless tech help reduce hygiene concerns?

Jul 27, 2020 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

In light of circumstances over the last few months, it’s not surprising that many UK employees have concerns about the possible health implications of returning to work post-lockdown.

In fact, a recent YouGov poll suggested that over 34% of office returnees were concerned about returning to office life and one of their main areas of concern was appropriate standards of hygiene and cleaning.

Clearly, to try and alleviate those fears, employees need to have confidence in new limits and circumstances as workplaces adjust to the evolved operating procedures and inevitable changes put in place.

So where does technology fit in?

Increased use of contactless technology – such as motion sensors for lifts, doors and taps, or density trackers to avoid overcrowding and advise on routes or room use could offer an effective means of helping  to keep office buildings safe and alleviate some of the anxiety, as well as allowing the building to be used more efficiently.

Offering a targeted approach, technology that scans a space and tags it as clean could even update room availability in real time, which in turn could boost employee confidence.

Workplace flexibility is likely to continue in the sense that more people will continue with some element of working from home. Businesses may want to cut costs in terms of rent but in order to support productivity, may need to balance home and office-based options.

Contactless tech may well be a way to ease that transition.


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