Why use professionals for end of tenancy cleaning?

Whether the tenant or the landlord ends up organising the cleaning at the end of a tenancy agreement, there are good reasons for getting a professional company in. If tenants have been at a property for several years, there is a lot of stuff in the house which needs...

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How to help a safe return to the office.

Currently, many of us are combining working from home with a return to the office, or at least contemplating doing so. As this ambivalent situation looks likely to continue for some time, staying safe in the office needs to become part of the job. Though guidelines...

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Complete mattress care

As we spend quite a long time in bed – about 1/3 of our lives in fact, as you can imagine, every now and then, it could probably do with a clean. However, while most of us are pretty good about washing our bedding, when it comes to the mattress, we often don’t think...

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Cleaning pre-loved furniture

In a world where the mantra of re-use, reduce, recycle is gaining traction, to be able to clean up a piece of pre-loved furniture that you’ve either acquired or want to move on is a useful skill to have. So, imagine you’ve found just what you need - or you know that...

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Clean air on planes

As the UK starts slowly to open up, the weather improves, and our thoughts turn to holidays, it comes as no surprise if some people have an understandable concern about clean air in airplane cabins as they, along with other confined spaces, have been an area of...

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Ready, Steady, Move

One of the unforeseen consequences of the pandemic is that many people have considered moving to a new house as they realise they want more outside space or more room to work from home. Of course, for most of us, before we can buy a new house, we have to sell the one...

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Clean commercial kitchens

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in Great Britain. Since then, commercial kitchens are required to meet legal standards of cleanliness. Obviously, this is to ensure that necessary...

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Cleaning the dishwasher

You’d think, with all that soapy water sluicing about, your dishwasher would be clean by definition - and to some extent, it is. But, as evidenced by gritty residue on the crockery or smears on the glass, trapped detergent, food and limescale can and does slowly build...

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Covid and bathroom design

In the current situation, technology has played a significant part in changing the way we behave, for example participating in video calls rather than face to face meetings and using contactless payment instead of cash. In a post-pandemic world, this is only set to...

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Cleaning school devices.

At the moment, with a hybrid model of schooling the norm many students and teachers will be using and sharing devices at school and home. Keeping them cleaned and disinfected will help arrest the spread of germs and lengthen the life of the device. However, it’s...

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Commercial Cleaning and Office Cleaning North West | SMClean NW | Cleaners
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"Reed have been using Service Master as a cleaning provider for some time now.

Overall, on behalf of Reed Chester office we are happy with the level of service we receive and will continue to use Service Master for the foreseeable future."



"Service Master provides us with an excellent service. I always know they are contactable, really approachable, and nothing is ever too much trouble!"



"The levels of service provided to us by Service Master are fully appreciated.

Our cleaners are friendly, never fail to clean our headquarters to an excellent standard, and have become part of our team.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with ServiceMaster and would recommend them to any business that requires a professional, friendly, and reliable service."


"Really pleased with our new cleaner from SMCS. He's punctual, enthusiastic, doesn't hang around and achieves as much as possible in his allotted time!

Nothing is too much trouble!"