Winters can be tough on carpets, but they can be rejuvenated

SMClean NW | Commercial Office CleaningWinter can often be the bane of carpets existence. Over salted roads and pavements mean that dirt, salt, ice and rocks can get brought in, which then get trapped in the carpets. Even the most thorough vacuum can struggle to get rid of these outside pollutants.

Carpets have a high volume of foot traffic, which, over time, means that they suffer wear and tear. Even with attentive care, they will degrade over time, and they often contain pollutants which can lead to skin and eye irritation. Often, the only solution is a professional cleaning job. But the solution must be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Different fibres require different cleaning methods, which is why sometimes a DIY job isn’t sufficient. Using the wrong cleaning solution can cause more damage to the carpet.

We have compiled a list of some common aspects of overuse that can be solved by a professional cleaning service.


  • Carpets can become matted and crushed due to either heavy traffic or other environmental causes. A dry extraction is usually the solution.
  • Stains and odours are often an unpleasant side effect of owning pets. Often, they can be removed by the owner, unless it has been bleached, in which case, a professional may be better suited to the task.
  • When carpets ripple and tear, this is often due to improper installation, or humidity. Now they can be re stretched, but this process is often expensive, which is why we recommend consulting a professional cleaner first.

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