Why should you use a professional cleaning company?

The benefits of a clean office or workspace on productivity are well known but as employees themselves could maintain a clean and tidy office environment, is it worth it for a business to hire a professional cleaning company in such a challenging economic environment?

  • There are many benefits to a clean office environment.
  • Staff may be able maintain the cleanliness of the workplace themselves.
  • What are the benefits of a professional cleaning company?

Studies have long established the link between a clean environment, employee productivity, and a generally happier and more satisfied workforce. Besides this, first impressions count and clients visiting a clean, tidy environment are more likely think that this professionalism in appearance reflects professionalism in the work provided for them which in turn improves the company’s reputation and image. It may be that a business feels their staff should be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the environment in which they work.

For example, by removing their items from the communal fridge, tidying their workstations, or using bins for their own recycling and rubbish on the basis that staff are more likely to keep the workplace clean if they know that no one else will. Most businesses would agree that a clean and healthy workspace is essential for any business’s reputation, image, and staff engagement. However, as maintaining a clean work environment comes at a cost if it’s outsourced professionally, in times of economic challenge, businesses may consider it reasonable to ask staff to maintain the workplace themselves.

So, what are the disadvantages of trying to get staff to clean versus the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company? Firstly, staff are unlikely to develop a customised cleaning plan which, when done properly, will vary from business to business. They are also unlikely to be trained in the use of specialist equipment or the professional techniques required for effective advanced cleaning.

Professional cleaners will know exactly which cleaning products and equipment to use for cleaning and maintaining different surfaces while non-professional cleaners using the wrong products could result in expensive repairs or makeovers. Professional commercial cleaners will also use specialised cleaning equipment from industrial strength vacuum cleaners to floor scrubbers and buffers that staff may not even know about, let alone have access to.

Besides this, commercial cleaners know exactly how to clean hard-to-reach areas or maintain high-traffic spaces using their professional expertise and equipment. Secondly, businesses know that a healthy office environment is crucial for the productivity, the health and safety, and the well-being of employees. As well as making offices generally nicer places to be, a professional cleaning company will use the proper products and equipment to adequately sanitise the workplace, thus minimising the risk of illness leading to fewer sick days and enhanced productivity.

Thirdly, although it may appear to be a cost-saving if businesses use internal staff to clean their own work environment rather than hiring a professional cleaning company, it’s worth considering that all the time a worker spends cleaning is time they don’t spend doing their actual job which inevitably diminishes their efficiency and productivity. Especially as specialised equipment and products means that professional cleaners will provide better results in less time. It’s also worth considering the risk of staff injury or absence sustained through in-house cleaning.

Depending on the nature of the business, members of staff may be unable to fulfil many of its cleaning requirements properly whereas a professional cleaning company can provide a wide range of services to suit any business’s needs. On the surface, hiring a professional contract cleaning company for the workplace may seem to be yet another avoidable expense, but the benefits in terms of staff morale and productivity, business reputation and image, appearance and hygiene makes using a professional commercial cleaning company worthy of very serious consideration.

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