Why professional commercial cleaners use better products than you do

Most businesses choose to employ a professional cleaning company because, understandably, their own staff will not be inclined to clean the workplace or have time to do it while doing their actual work.

Professional cleaners are exactly that – professionals. They know what to do and how to do it expertly, not half-heartedly. They also use professional products which might not be an issue that immediately springs to mind for the business owner, but it is significant.

  • Businesses usually choose to use professional cleaning companies.
  • Commercial cleaning companies use experienced professional cleaners who do the job expertly.
  • Commercial cleaning companies use professional grade equipment and products.

The advantage of professional commercial cleaning products is that they have been specifically developed for professional use and so are made up of more potent elements and compounds than domestic products. Nevertheless they have been designed to maintain and clean surfaces properly without harming them which should save on replacement and maintenance costs.

Put simply, they can perform at a higher standard to clean the worst stains, grime, and dirt more quickly and with less effort. This means that cleaners do a better job more efficiently, leaving the work place cleaner and safer by using the appropriate product for different surfaces. In addition, because they are able to complete cleaning routines sooner thanks to professional grade products, businesses may ultimately save on costs.

Using inferior or domestic grade products risks a workspace that is insufficiently clean and has the potential to accumulate dirt and unwelcome bacteria. Professional products can remove germs, allergens and other potential pollutants, as well as mould spores and mildew, improving air quality in general. And for businesses that may require infection control measures or deep cleans, a specialist professional cleaning organisation is essential.

Many sustainable cleaning products are available to professional cleaners for companies aiming to improve their eco-credentials. They should comply with specific standards and although there is no globally accepted certification they are developed and designed so that throughout their lifecycle, from raw materials to packaging, they have a minimal environmental impact.

Businesses understand that a professionally cleaned workplace gives a better impression to clients and customers as well as supporting staff wellbeing and morale. An optimally clean and hygienic workplace is best achieved by using a specialist cleaning company able to fulfil a demanding specification using the right professional products for a personalised tailored cleaning solution.

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