Why bother with commercial cleaning?

One issue of with regard to cleaning offices and other commercial properties is that it may only be done superficially – a quick empty of the bins, a quick spray and wipe, and a quick vacuum. While this may make everything look fine on the surface, it doesn’t really get rid of the ingrained dust, germs and dirt that remains hidden – and events over the last 18 months have made us all a lot more aware of the importance of proper cleaning.

So why would using a proper commercial cleaning company make things any better?

Well, firstly, who wouldn’t prefer to work in an environment that is clean and fresh, with the knowledge that their workplace has been properly sanitised? Not only is it likely to boost employees’ peace of mind, it’s also likely to boost productivity if it helps to remove any anxiety about returning to work.

Secondly, and of particular interest to employers, is that dealing with germs properly and frequently will inevitably mean that there is less of an opportunity for them to spread and cause illness leading to employee absence.

Inevitably, though unavoidable at times, when an employee is off sick it has an impact not only on their productivity but on that of others if they are having to pick up cover work. When a few employees are off, the effect is magnified.

Employees may still come to work with the best intentions, even when they’re not feeling great, and inevitably that will spread germs. And of course, people can pass on germs even before they have any symptoms. Investing in regular or daily commercial cleaning from a specialised local company will maximise the chance of removing germs before they spread, which should result in fewer staff absences.

Specialised daily cleans combined with proper periodic deep cleans from a specialised commercial cleaning company is the ideal way to ensure that offices and commercial properties remain hygienic and pleasant environments.

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