Which businesses need commercial cleaners?

Cleaning looks set to remain high on the agenda for employees, clients, and organisations in general as the pandemic has raised concerns and awareness about the cleanliness of their workspaces.

A couple of years ago, few of us would have imagined that the length of time viruses and bacteria can last on a surface, how far they can travel, and how often and for how long we should wash our hands would become relatively common knowledge. Or that we have become almost conditioned to reach for hand sanitiser every time we see it whether we think we need it or not.

The pandemic has created a tangible driver for maintaining hygiene nowadays which has made us proactive rather than reactive (sanitising hands before you go into a room as much as sanitising them when you leave it, for example).

Though we’re doing more to keep our environments clean, individuals in a business shouldn’t be expected to shoulder the responsibility alone, especially when communal spaces are likely to form a significant part of the workspace, so which businesses would benefit from the services of a professional cleaning company?

As people return to the office and increasing numbers are working together in one space, remaining on top of cleanliness is key. Employees who feel uncomfortable at the state of their environment will not be as productive or focused as those who feel confident. Professional cleaners will manage everything from windows and bathrooms, to surfaces and kitchen areas, to flooring and bins on a schedule that works best for the business.

Warehouse workers or employees in the manufacturing industry are attuned to safety due to the health and safety rules and regulations which are designed and enforced to keep employees safe in the space. Professional cleaners can support that safety process by keeping on top of warehouse cleaning, both in terms of fulfilling requirements and increasing the chances of spotting any issues that need addressing before they become a problem.

When it comes to showrooms and dealerships, potential customers could be put off as soon as they set foot through the door. First impressions count and if the environment specifically designed to showcase a product is unimpressively untidy and dirty, the customer is more likely to be unimpressed in their judgement of the product. Whether it’s an unfair judgement or not is irrelevant to a lost sale.
Housing associations and private landlords know that the appearance and comfort of property counts. Using a commercial cleaning company between lettings ensures that property is ready for new tenants to move in comfortably and any problems can be ironed out beforehand. If the property has communal areas such as stairways and corridors professional cleaners can maintain them regularly as well as targeting specific shared areas for individual problems.

Using a commercial cleaning company can ensure that a business is always shown at its best to clients. In addition, it shows employees that they and their work is valued. Professional cleaners can provide flexible services ranging from daily cleaning, to one off specialist cleans, to deep cleans and it’s always worth contacting them to discuss requirements.

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