What is an office cleaning contract?

When a business uses a professional cleaning company for their premises, they have usually agreed a contract with their chosen commercial cleaning company.

But what does a cleaning contract consist of?

Bespoke cleaning solutions are likely to be created in agreement between the two companies so that both parties are clear about the services to be provided, whether they will be for a fixed term or on a rolling programme, and what length the notice period will be. It is also necessary to clarify and arrange any access and key-holding procedures.

Importantly, both parties should be clear regarding the core services to be provided and the exact particulars of the specific tasks to be carried out. Then, they should be recorded in detail and any additions to the core services can be discussed and negotiated separately so that all expectations are met. Within the services, those to be provided daily, weekly and monthly should be agreed, as should a timing schedule if appropriate. At this point, the clearer the terms of agreement, the more avoidable misunderstandings should be in future.

Usually, a professional cleaning company will use their own cleaning supplies and equipment. If particular products are preferred by the client however (for example, eco-friendly), this too will form part of the agreement.

In addition, the cleaning contract will clarify the cleaning company’s rates for the services provided, the terms and conditions for payment, and the procedure for if the contract is terminated.

Sometimes, accidents happen, and items may be broken or damaged during the cleaning process. Clarifying the procedure and time scale for replacement or repair should help minimise any cause for complaint and produce a satisfactory resolution for both parties. A professional commercial cleaning company should have robust liability insurance in place but for peace of mind, potential clients should make sure.

Occasionally, there may be times when a client is not entirely satisfied with the service provided and so the correct procedure for making a complaint should also be part of the contract. The contact and process for managing the complaint should be clear to the client and hopefully it can be swiftly and easily resolved whilst allowing the partnership to continue successfully.

A highly professional service provider is one who can fulfil the most demanding specification whilst maintaining a personal and responsive relationship with their client. In addition to a detailed office cleaning contract, look for a friendly, helpful team that is always available to assist and respond efficiently and quickly to customers’ needs.

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