So, what do we do with the washing when it’s wet outside?

Despite the glorious summer we’ve been enjoying so far,

you just know it’s going to happen– you’ve done the washing

and are about to peg out, only for the heavens to open

leaving you with a frustrating pile of clothes turning

increasingly damp and smelly just because of the rain.

Well, here are some top tips that can be helpful in keeping newly washed garments clean and fresh even in wet weather:

  • Use a tumble dryer. When you can’t peg out, the clothes end up in an area with little air and space to dry which causes moisture to get trapped and accumulate, leading to that unpleasant, musty smell – so get them dry any way you can.
  • Act on stains straight away – wipe away what you can before stains set. For older stains, vinegar or baking soda are often recommended as traditional solutions for cleaning them.
  • Include fabric conditioner in the wash. If clothes are caught in a downpour it can be quite rough on them, sometimes causing them to lose texture and giving them that wet-earth smell which can be nice – but not on our clothes. Also, damp clothes are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. But, using fabric conditioner is a good way to combat these problems. It helps soften and improve the texture of clothing, while also giving them a lovely smell (there are plenty to choose from) even if they’re rained on. Also, some fabric conditioners have anti-bacterial properties.
  • Keep your machine clean. Yes, washing machines are made to clean clothes, but the machine itself needs to be kept clean and maintained. When it’s wet, residual dirt, mould, and mildew can build up and produce less than pleasant smells from inside. To clean a washing machine, run a wash cycle with the machine empty. This clears out any detergent that has built up in the machine. Then, wipe it to clear out any built-up residues.
  • Use essential oils or items with pleasant smells in your wardrobes and drawers. Even when they’ve been washed, most clothes tend to lose their fresh, clean smell after being in a drawer for a few days. An easy hack is to put a few drops of oil on cotton balls then place it them the corners of the wardrobe or drawer. Or if you like the idea of natural fragrances, use coffee grounds or richly scented cut wood – and of course there are always scented dryer sheets.

So, despite the unpredictable nature of our weather, follow these tips to keep your washing clean and smelling fresh – come rain or shine!

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