Why use professionals for end of tenancy cleaning?

Whether the tenant or the landlord ends up organising the cleaning at the end of a tenancy agreement, there are good reasons for getting a professional company in.

If tenants have been at a property for several years, there is a lot of stuff in the house which needs to be cleaned when they move out and it will need a lot of time and effort to clean a house properly. Many things need to be taken care of such as different types of floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and furniture cleaning and this is where trained cleaners come into their own.

Trained cleaners, employed by a professional company, ensure a flawless cleaning of the space without risk of damage to property and belongings – and they will do it to tenancy agreement instructions.

Another advantage of using an external company is that they are trained to operate modern, professional tools and equipment which are likely to be far more thorough and capable than ordinary domestic gear – which makes the job quicker and enables the professionals to work withing a fixed period if there is an element of time pressure involved.

Using a professional cleaning company takes away any concerns about whether the post tenancy cleaning is done to satisfactory levels, not to mention the time and effort required to do it yourself. And it might make all the difference when it comes to getting a deposit back.


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