Three surprisingly dirty things in your kitchen

SMClean NW | Commercial Office CleaningIt is impossible to completely remove all the germs from your

kitchen, or in fact any part of your house. However, do not worry,

as the vast majority of bacteria is either harmless or actively


Your kitchen, being the place food is stored, cooked, and consumed, is perhaps the most important area to keep clean. It is equally the room that is most likely to be vulnerable to harmful bacteria – but the places in which this bacteria congregate is more surprising than you might think.

Firstly, there are 3 unexpected places where germs build;

  • The kitchen sponge – being consistently damp, and also being used to clean food off plates, this is a breeding ground for new and harmful bacteria, with new bacteria forming every 20 minutes. It is recommended that you replace the kitchen sponge often, and wash it out thoroughly before and after every use.
  • Dish towels, used to dry dishes, are equally riddled with bacteria. Make sure these are cleaned often in the washing machine to avoid the build-up of potentially dangerous bacteria.
  • Wiping cloths are also rife with bacteria and need to be thoroughly washed and replaced regularly, or put through the dishwasher.

Furthermore, there are many other unexpected places that harbour unwanted bacteria, so we have compiled a brief list of places in your kitchen that it is vitally important to clean regularly.

  • Blender Gaskets – 36% contain traces of salmonella, and 43% carry yeast or mould.
  • Cutting Board – Despite rinsing, bacteria clings to the board and can hide and grow in hidden cracks (especially in wooden boards).
  • The Knife Block – This harbours 9 times more bacteria than the bathroom floor near your toilet.
  • Can Openers – Failing to wash these thoroughly can result in salmonella and E.coli growth.
  • Spatulas – Rubber spatulas are 36% more likely to contain levels of E.coli and 43% more likely to have yeast or mould deposits.
  • Coffee Reservoir – This is the perfect environment for yeast and mould to linger.
  • Dishwasher Handles – Over 50% of dishwasher handles contain black yeast, a bacteria which can lead to infections in humans.

Hopefully this article has highlighted some of the key hotspots for bacterial growth, and if you ensure that these unexpected places are cleaned regularly, it will go a long way to prevent dangerous build-ups of bacteria in your kitchen.

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