The clean office incentive

While plenty of workers have returned their pre-pandemic roles, there has been a definite shift in many previously accepted and unquestioned working habits.

Clearly, some jobs require an in-person presence, and some can be carried out entirely remotely, but for others, there is the middle ground of hybrid working.

Whether office workers have been obliged to return, or can do so by choice, a recent survey of senior managers has found that they consider office cleaning practices to be one of the main incentives to get people back.

This is quite significant if an in-person workplace is deemed crucial to a company’s productivity, revenue, and ultimately, profit.

According to the survey, 20% of senior manager respondents felt that they had learned how important cleaning was as a result of the pandemic, for more than the usual simple reason that it just happens as a cursory part of a process.

If workers are more likely to come in to the office – or be willing to come in – if they know that strict or stricter cleaning protocols are in place, then they are likely to have fewer health and safety concerns and more confidence in their workplace, making them more likely to attend in person.

Where businesses require in-person workers, value staff engagement, and recognise it as a driver of productivity, then addressing staff concerns about safety and increasing cleaning and disinfection, could be pivotal.

Using a specialist office cleaning company enables businesses to manage their operations professionally, providing workers with a confident return to a shared space.

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