The benefits of a professional cleaning service

At a time when many businesses are looking carefully at their budgets, there are good reasons why cutting costs on professional cleaning might be a false economy. From creating a pleasant working environment, improving staff engagement, giving clients and customers the right impression, to increased productivity, having a clean office space is vitally important.

  • Many businesses are looking for cost cutting measures.
  • Trying to save money by not using professional cleaners may be a false economy.
  • There are many reasons why using a commercial cleaning company benefits a commercial business.

In a challenging environment, businesses understandably are looking to streamline their outgoings, and cleaning is an area that people may think they (or their staff) can manage themselves.

However, even if staff agree to a quick tidy up and wipe of the kitchen fridge now and then, all the time they spend cleaning is time that they’re not working at their actual job -which means that they are less productive in the areas the business actually gets paid for.

But if no-one is cleaning the office, it ceases to be an environment where people want to spend time, let alone their clients and customers. What seems like a quick and easy way to save money may later prove to have been false economy.

Safety, post-covid, is still in people’s minds and so keeping the workspace hygienic through daily standard cleans and periodic deep cleans is very important. As well as the obvious benefits of reducing the potential for absences due to low-level sickness by getting rid of dirt and allergens efficiently, staff are more likely to feel valued if they can see that their welfare is considered important.

In some settings such as care homes, hospitals, surgeries, tenant change overs or laboratories, expert professional services are required to deep clean or even decontaminate areas and provide a full range of infection control measures.

In addition, clean, dry floors and carpets reduce the risk of falls and slips – especially important in high-footfall areas for both customers and staff. Regular professional floor cleaning means that floors are maintained properly, and any potential problems can be highlighted and addressed before they lead to injury.

People don’t work at their best in a grubby, dusty environment, and in their working day, they won’t have time to clean the office (even if they were happy to). A professional cleaning company will have the expertise and attention to detail to ensure that staff have a clean, tidy, hygienic environment every day so that they can get on with the work they are there to do.

And, because commercial cleaners are equipped with professional equipment and have the expertise and experience, even if office staff were willing to clean, the professionals will get the job done far more efficiently and thoroughly. This means that clients and customers can be in an environment that looks and feels professional, and with regular cleaning, those standards and impressions should remain.

Ultimately, a clean, organised workspace enables employees to work calmly and efficiently in an environment where they can feel valued and be as productive as possible. Morale is boosted, and performance may improve – which should impact positively on the bottom line.

Having made the decision to go professional, do your research, pick a local company and make sure they can fulfil your business’ cleaning requirements. That way, you can be confident you will have a professional, reliable provider who can deliver.

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