Staff office precautions

Slowly but surely, life is returning to our offices, but a recent survey in the US suggests that workers are still concerned and are taking preventative steps themselves to reduce risks and improve hygiene, even as coronavirus recedes.

Being vaccinated, wearing a face mask or covering, bringing disinfectant spray, hand sanitiser, and cleaning wipes were all mentioned in the survey by a high proportion of respondents. In addition, a higher proportion of office workers are more germ conscious and subsequently more likely to adhere to rigorous handwashing advice.

Interestingly, the survey also highlighted work environment changes, particularly with regard to colleague interaction. Over half of respondents avoid shaking hands, around a third prefer to video call rather than meet face to face and around 40% agreed that they sat at more of a distance from others in meetings – in addition to two thirds agreeing that they washed their hands more frequently than before.

In addition, around 60% of respondents said that employers have improved or changed restroom facilities in response, to include cleaning them more frequently – though respondents did say that they often use a disposable paper towel to open doors and flush toilets as well – or even used their feet!

A change in culture for many workplaces appears to be that as well as encouraging workers to take time off when unwell, the availability of hand sanitising dispensers has generally increased – to the satisfaction and appreciation of office workers.

Jon Dommisse, vice president of marketing and corporate communication Bradley Corp says,

“Office workers are returning to the workplace cautiously…and are personally taking steps to avoid germs and the virus…the coronavirus has notched up the need for cleaner workspaces, limited contact and increased handwashing.”

Of course, all measures to enhance hygiene are sensible precautions – from individuals taking their own steps to businesses using commercial cleaning companies regularly.

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