Specialist cleaning for infection control

The pandemic has raised people’s awareness of the need for deep cleaning in many settings besides medical as they want to feel reassured that proper cleaning procedures are in place. Not all commercial cleaning companies can offer this reassurance.

  • The pandemic has raised awareness of specialist deep cleaning.
  • Some commercial cleaning companies may not offer this as part of their service.

In what appears to be one of the lasting legacies of the pandemic, infection control and in-depth disinfection have gained a higher profile than ever before.

This can be seen daily at the entrances to most supermarkets and other shops and public settings by the ongoing availability of antibacterial hand gels and spray disinfectants.

According to a Research and Markets report, the global high-level disinfection services market is expected to have grown by over 7% by 2030.

In care, nursing, and medical settings where it is obviously essential, and commercial settings where it may be considered more discretionary, people’s awareness of the risk of infection and the need for impeccable hygiene remains high.

Staff want to feel comfortable and reassured that proper sanitation procedures and infection control measures are being properly addressed and the lasting impact of Covid-19 is a driving factor behind this. People don’t want to go to work fit and well and walk out less so because the cleaning hasn’t been adequate.

However, specialist cleaning of walls, floors, machinery and equipment requires properly trained practitioners who are able to offer a full range of infection control measures.

This expertise may come as extra to standard commercial cleaning, but in the post-pandemic world, businesses are thinking about specialist deep cleaning less as something to be considered for the future and more as a current and ongoing necessity.

In all settings, from medical to commercial, specialist cleaning and surfaces maintenance should preferably be provided by an organisation that offers a full range of infection control measures to combat the spread of disease by not only killing harmful bacteria, but by preventing re-contamination.

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