Smart office cleaning

There is always a place for rolling up your sleeves and just getting on with it, and long may it continue. However, smart cleaning companies are responsive, reciprocal and usually available in real-time.

Most business owners understand the importance of having a clean office. The basic aspects of office cleaning services: daily dusting, removal of rubbish, vacuuming, mopping, window washing, and surface cleaning are crucial, and many professional office cleaning providers will also offer bespoke assistance for deep-cleans one-offs or special events.

Or at least, they should.

The trick, as a client, is to find a provider that you trust.

During the pandemic and despite the ever-changing back to the office/work from home restrictions, larger group settings means that germs are more likely to spread so frequency of disinfection is critical. Smart cleaning companies know how to ensure the safety of everyone involved while delivering top results.

Whether commercial cleaning companies base their rates on time taken or size of the premises, a good cleaning company will appraise accurately and fairly. If you trust them, you will understand that fluctuations in price are an honest reflection of increased labour and as a client, how you perceive value of the service you receive is key.

Before embarking on a cleaning contract, you must first ascertain whether they can service your premises’ requirements and whether you are satisfied with their value proposition (the services they provide relative to the amount they charge). At this point you may consider other variables such as scheduling, reliability, equipment etc. Although ‘you get what you pay for’ isn’t necessarily a universal truth, it’s certainly reasonable to question the quality of a particularly cheap offering.

Regardless of how future cleaning technology develops and is adopted within the industry, it will not fully replace people. This means that the ability to focus, attention to detail, reliability, and trustworthiness of staff will always be key requirements.

What’s more, a company that promises high standards must then match the client’s expectations in terms of performance. Which means they should be smart enough to adapt to changing circumstances and ready to embrace new initiatives – both those required by the client and those offered by their industry to improve efficiency, quality and communication. A company that over-promises and under-delivers will soon be found out.

Ultimately, smart cleaning companies will ensure that their staff are properly trained experts, they will offer value for money, and they will be fully open to a communicative and evolving relationship with their clients.

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