Should you consider daytime cleaning?

As with many other aspects of running a business, daily office cleaning needs to fit in with workplace schedules. Although traditionally, cleaners come to work in offices at night once the staff have left, more and more businesses are taking advantage of daytime cleaning from their professional cleaning company.

  • Office cleaning can take place at a time that suits an individual workplace schedule.
  • Overnight cleaning has often been considered the usual standard practice.
  • Many businesses are starting to make use of day time cleaning as an alternative.

For many years, offices have been cleaned either overnight, later in the evening, or early in the morning.

However, a changing work environment means that the traditional 9-5 work day may no longer suit a business’ needs the way it once did. Flexitime, working from home, and hybrid working are all changing the traditional workplace cleaning model and for some businesses, their old, regular night-time office clean may benefit from an adjustment.

Certainly, the appeal of coming back to a clean and tidy office every morning is still there, but in some circumstances, with the right approach, daytime cleaning may provide a better solution.

For example, rather than having a bin cluttering every workstation, general waste bins and recycling bins could be installed in a centralised spot to which individuals take their waste. This can be disposed of in one go by cleaners who then have no need to visit each workstation causing potential disruption as they collect the waste.

Regular daytime cleaning may also boost the cleanliness of high touch areas such as door handles or telephones as hygiene can be maintained during periods of high use.

While the idea of noisy vacuum cleaners may sound off putting both for workers and visiting clients, modern, low-noise equipment is quite likely to be quiet, cordless, and get rid of dirt quickly before it’s traipsed through the office and ground into the carpet, besides helping to maintain air quality throughout the day.

An addition to increasing the opportunity for communication between office workers and cleaners should any problems arise, daytime cleaning can also have a positive impact on staff engagement as they can see businesses actively caring for their wellbeing in the work environment.

Ultimately, a daytime, night time, or dual cleaning schedule approach will suit each different business’ requirements. A professional cleaning company will work with its clients to create a tailored cleaning routine to suit them individually, and daytime cleaning can be a valuable component of the cleaning repertoire.

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