School cleanliness blasted by mums in survey

schoolsA study in the US has found that almost 80% of all mothers in the US think that the schools their children went not clean enough. Over half also suspected that school was the source of colds and infections that the family had last year.

Basic hand washing routines and protocols are the simplest way to keep the number of germs at a minimum, but they are often not rigorously enforced.

Toilet doors, Taps and handles are also a breeding ground for germs, and the study showed that many people wanted the schools to consider changing the material they used to make these contact points.

Now whilst this is a US study, the problems it brings up are very applicable in the UK schooling system. High traffic contact points such as handles create a germ problem everywhere. As well as this, a basic hand washing system seems to be just common sense to keep the levels of hygiene as high as they can be.

These practices can’t just end at school though. Making sure hand washing is done regularly at home as well will reduce the risk of harmful germs spreading even more.


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