Parents have come together to share helpful cleaning tips

parentsFor many people, cleaning can be a time consuming pain, the mere mention of which fills them with dread. But a group of parents have come together to share their tips on how to make cleaning as painless an experience as possible.

  • To save time, clean the shower when you are in it.
  • Don’t go upstairs without taking something up with you that needs to be put away. This may not seem like very much, and you may wonder whether to bother, but this is an easy way to minimise clutter, and will prevent you from having to do a huge tidy up that takes up time.
  • Make your bed every time you leave it. An extra ten seconds in the morning will stop it becoming an annoyance later in the day.
  • For dog owners, putting bicarbonate of soda on rugs, and vacuuming it up next morning will remove unwanted smells. A puppy pad to clean your dog’s paws is a good idea, especially in winter.
  • Leaving coffee beans in a cup in your fridge will also prevent it from starting to smell.
  • Giving your faucets a quick wipe after every use will prevent dirt building up, so that you are never faced with a huge job. The same is true with dishes. Empty the dishwasher as soon as it is done, which leave space for more dishes. This way, you never find yourself with a pile of dirty plates and cutlery.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to clean as you go. This prevents whatever you need to clean away from building up, be it dirt, litter or dishes. Without a build-up, your cleaning tasks will be for a more manageable and easier.

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