Cleaning, five floors up

grannyA proud Glaswegian grandmother continues to perch or a precarious ledge to clean her windows, even though she lives five floors up.

Mo Kan Tai, who moved to Glasgow from Hong Kong, says that she is the only person able to clean the windows to her high standards, and therefore, despite constant warnings from her son, insists of completing this precarious task.

Despite the danger, and the fact that she has been locked out of her own home when the window blew shut, leaving her stranded on the ledge, Mo Kan Tai says she will continue to clean her windows this way, saying “I have never been frightened of heights or hard work.”

Despite this success story, generally we would always recommend that a professional cleaning service be called when cleaning windows this high, because despite how good Mo Kan Tai may be at cleaning, perching on a ledge five stories up is dangerous work. We suggest that only trained cleaning professionals with the proper equipment try this.


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