Making properties appealing to tenants.

Just as landlords hope that tenants will treat a property with respect, tenants hope that the property they rent will be an agreeable place to live and both parties are likely to assess each other initially.

If tenants and landlords are content with their arrangements, then it benefits them both. For the landlord, happy tenants are likely to rent for longer terms and maintain the property well with hopefully fewer, or at least more easily resolved, disputes. And, if tenants look after the property well, then they are also protecting the landlord’s asset as well as benefitting their reputation.

So, what can landlords do to make their properties more appealing when in the first place?

First impressions really do count and so a professional clean rather than a quick rush with a duster and vacuum is highly recommended prior to showing a potential new tenant the property – or as a matter of course between tenant changeovers. If it’s not clean, then it may suggest to the potential tenant that if the landlord doesn’t care about property before they rent it out then they won’t care about maintaining it once the tenants are in.

In addition, cleaning by a professional cleaning company will give both tenant and landlord an excellent standard against which to measure the state of the property if the tenant eventually moves out.

It also gives the landlord an opportunity to see and deal with any repair or maintenance issues such as damp or mould before they become a bigger or more expensive problem, as well as any faulty or inadequate fixtures and fittings which are their responsibility to remedy before new tenants move in.

Finally, it gives new tenants a reason to care for and look after the property properly themselves – obviously living in a clean and tidy environment is generally considered to be more appealing than a dirty, neglected one.

Landlords have responsibilities such as making sure that gas and electrical equipment, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are safely installed and maintained, and that properties are safe and free from health hazards.

Although professional cleaning is not a requirement as such, it may well pay dividends far greater than the initial outlay for the landlord. A professional cleaning company won’t cut corners and will do an exemplary job which in turn reflects well on the landlord.

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