What are the 5 least cleaned appliances in the home?

Can you guess which took the number one spot?

Unbelievably, according to new research, a shocking 71 per cent of Brits don’t clean their home appliances on a regular basis, So, it’s not so surprising when it also turns out that some items are more neglected than others.

A survey of 1,015 UK adults, carried out by a major household appliances retailer, found that the dirtiest item is the washing machine which is only being cleaned, on average, once every year. In second place is the oven, cleaned on average only twice a year.

The rest of the top five, along with the frequency of the appliance being cleaned, is as follows:

1. Washing Machine – once per year
2. Oven – twice per year
3. Dishwasher – 3 times per year
4. Fridge – 8 times per year
5. Microwave – 21 times per year

34 % (more than one in three) of participants admitted that they would, or do, hire a professional to do this cleaning work for them and 23% said that this lack of cleaning meant their appliances were replaced more regularly.

On top of this, it seems that younger adults are a little tardy when it comes to cleaning their appliances. Age, it seems, plays a role in cleaning habits as those aged 25-34 years old were found to be the age group who clean their appliances the least!

Food for thought for all of us – especially those aged between 25 and 34!

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