Keeping pests out of the office.

The last thing anyone wants, as back-to-the-office work gradually returns, is to find that in our absence, unwanted four-legged visitors have decided to share the workspace.

Basically, pest control in the work environment is fundamental and essential as failure to do so can damage people’s health, property, and the company’s reputation. What’s more, it is a legal requirement that you manage pest control and provide a safe working environment that meets health and safety requirements.

Keeping your desk tidy and throwing away rubbish at the end of every day can help prevent a rodent infestation in your office and really, it is the responsibility of everyone who uses the workspace not to leave their own rubbish lying around.

Clearly, food should be put away in sealed containers and bins should be emptied on a daily basis to dissuade vermin, who, after all, are only following their instincts. Likewise, carpets and flooring should be treated to prevent insect infestations.

Cardboard boxes in storage areas, stored food, and packaging in cupboards are attractive to insects such as cockroaches and ants, and also rats and mice, so vigilance and sharp eyes are a prerequisite to dealing with a problem quickly and efficiently before it gets out of hand. This means looking out for small piles of what appears to be shredded card or paper, chewed boxes, chewed cables and droppings. Regularly moving furniture to check either for signs of the creature or the creature itself is also well worth the effort. They can get in through the smallest of gaps.

An efficient, thorough, regular cleaning routine is essential. However, making sure that everyone is pulling their weight is not quite so easy. Of course, using a professional cleaning company is an obvious solution which will undoubtedly help with pest control.

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