How do you find great office cleaners?

As with many things, personal recommendation is a great way to start. If someone you know and trust endorses a cleaning company, then you’re more likely to consider them. And, as an office cleaning company knows there are plenty of alternatives then reliable, consistent, professional, high quality service will be a fundamental part of their offering.

Cleaning an office is a specialist task with clear and specific requirements that requires well organised teams with clear responsibilities and outcomes. This may be per floor, per department, or an entire office complex. Efficient teams communicate regularly with their line managers and with each other and understand their areas of responsibility clearly. This way, nothing is done twice, and nothing is left out. Some may detail restrooms and toilets, empty rubbish bins and disinfect surfaces. Others may focus on glass: partitions, windows and bathrooms. Others still may target the safety and cleanliness of office equipment. It is all within the remit of experienced commercial office cleaners.

Expertise can and should be developed through on the job training and external courses. On-the-job training ensures that cleaners know how properly to dispose of refuse, use equipment and cleaning supplies, and be trained in the use of new cleaning methods and technology. Although training is essential to keep up with changes in the industry, experience is a great asset in a well-established, specialist cleaning company as it provides thoroughness, an eye for detail, and excellent organisational skills for maximum efficiency.

Great cleaners need to be reliable, flexible and responsive. Besides an unclean environment being an unpleasant place to work, it can send the wrong signals to clients, visitors and employees. First impressions count and if clients and visitors find the cleanliness of the office wanting, they may wonder if a slapdash approach is also reflected in the quality of the work delivered to them. Likewise, an unclean workplace can have a negative effect on staff moral which can have a knock-on effect on their engagement and ultimately their productivity.

Conversely, a professionally cleaned office projects a professional outfit that inspires a customer’s confidence, leaves a good impression on visitors, and has staff who feel valued by their managers because the managers value their working environment enough to keep it maintained, protected, clean and hygienic – thus improving staff engagement and productivity. Great cleaners will turn up as arranged and respond to emergencies when you need them.

Inevitably, having professional cleaners incurs cost. Specialised requirements for a medical laboratory may cost more than a straightforward office. Regular, ongoing contract cleaning may work out cheaper than one-off deep cleans overall. Some companies may provide their own supplies while others may expect the client to provide them, but a professional company will always be happy to discuss your requirements and their rates so that costs can be determined in advance and both parties are clear about the job spec, as well as being fully insured.

Once you’ve clarified your requirements and done the research, speak to your preferred company or those on your shortlist and consider the options. Choosing a great cleaning company can make a huge difference to your business.

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