Cleaning all year long.

SMClean NW | Commercial Office CleaningHaving a massive spring clean is one of the more unpleasant traditions that many homeowners indulge in. The problem is that if you put off having a big clean until the spring, then a whole years with of dirt and clutter builds up. This makes the task at hand more arduous than it needs to be.

The easy way to solve this problem? Make sure you do smaller jobs, regularly throughout the year, so that when you decide to have a big clean, the task is far more manageable. One way you can do this is to set yourself a cleaning timetable or calendar. Every month, you can clean one specific aspect of your house. This way, you will never feel overburdened by the amount of work you have to do.

We have created a sample cleaning calendar. Following this will lessen your workload over the spring period, but you can amend and change it to suit your needs more effectively.

  • January – An after Christmas declutter.
    February – Cleaning the under-appreciated areas such as lamp shades is a good way to start. It may seem like a small thing but it will add up if left unchecked.
  • March – Clean the areas people don’t see, such as under beds and rugs.
  • April – As the days begin to get brighter, now is a good time to clean windows, as smudges and dirt will show up more in bright light.
  • May – Move things that have been moved to the top of cupboard for convenience to a more suitable place in the house. They will gather dust very quickly and look unsightly.
  • June – Summer is a busy time, so make sure that minor repairs or paint jobs are taken care of.
  • July – Tidying up your outdoor spaces will let you get the most out of summer afternoons evenings.
  • August – Bedrooms often get very cluttered, especially children’s bedrooms. A good clean is therefore required, especially as kids won’t be at school.
  • September – Floors get very dirty after summer, when lots of time is spent bringing dirty shoes in from outside. So a post – summer floor clean is essential.
  • October – Start trying to create space for the oncoming winter months.
  • November – With the festive season approaching fast, a good clean of you appliances won’t go amiss.
  • December – Starting early to prepare your home for Christmas and New Year will allow you to enjoy the festive period, without the stress often associated with that time of year.

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