Do office workers really care about a clean workspace?

No-one can be in doubt about the links between good health and hygiene as recent history has all too clearly shown. But do office workers and employees really care what it’s like in the office and if so, does it really affect their work output?

  • Health and hygiene are clearly linked.
  • Do office workers care about the cleanliness of their work environment.

According to CNBC, over 65% of employees want their office cleaning routines to be better as they are well aware of the links between their good health and hygienic cleaning practices.

What’s more, it’s been well documented that as well as a clean office environment, a tidy workplace can affect employee productivity positively as workers are not distracted or lack concentration because of any mess and can focus more fully on their work tasks.

Employees themselves have a part to play in maintaining the office environment so a mutual understanding of what is expected, or even an official ‘tidiness policy’, could help maintain a good working environment. Taking personal responsibility for removing their own items from the communal fridge, tidying their workstation before they leave for the day, using bins for their own recycling and rubbish and keeping walkways free of obstacles can go a long way towards maintaining good feeling amongst colleagues and as an official policy, everyone knows what’s expected of them.

How an office building appears from the outside, however, is unlikely to be the remit of the office staff as the maintenance and appearance an office building exterior will need professional attention.

Regardless of the successful implementation of a ‘tidiness policy’, employees cannot be expected to carry out the kind of deep clean that offices periodically require that may include treatments for infection control, combating the spread of disease by killing harmful bacteria, and preventing re-contamination in specific areas such as washrooms, air filters and carpets and specialist equipment. For this, a specialist cleaning and surfaces maintenance organisation who can offer a full range of infection control measures are essential.

Keeping a clean and tidy office clean is vital for staff productivity and for the health of both employees and clients.

Businesses should have professional cleaning services take charge of their regular tasks. By choosing a reliable and professional office cleaning service they can be confident in the standard of work provided whether it be for general commercial cleaning, daily office and showroom cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, industrial cleaning and specialist cleaning.

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