Clean your mouse!

SMClean NW | Commercial Office CleaningOften, if your optical mouse isn’t working correctly, it’s because the mouse is dirty. People often shy away from cleaning optical mice, but the process, whilst different in many ways, shares some similarities with a standard trackball mouse, and is easier than you might think.

Begin by unplugging the mouse, and turning it upside down. Using a cotton bud and a small amount of rubbing alcohol, clean the thin rubber grippers, or “feet,” on the bottom of the mouse. These feet collect dirt and dust over time, so cleaning them regularly will improve the longevity of the mouse. Then use a toothpick to clean around the edges of the rubber feet. As a rule of thumb, use one toothpick per foot.

Using another cotton bud, clean the centre eye, carefully avoiding scratching the protective shield. Over time, scratches build up and cause the shield to shatter. Usually, a couple of light swipes, regularly, will suffice. Wipe it clean, make sure the base is dry, and then use another pick to clean the edges of the mouse buttons, and around the mouse wheel. Pressing too hard could shatter the toothpick, and is any splinters get into the mouse then its longevity will be drastically reduced, so be careful. Finally, wipe the mouse mat down as well. This is one step that people forget, but if you don’t then the feet and centre eye of the mouse will very quickly return to the same sate they were in before the clean.

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