Domestic dilemmas.

So, we’ve compared the opinions of cleaners and environmentalists on some of the crucial

cleaning questions of the day – of course you must make up your own mind! Here we go:

Q: How many bath towels should a household have and how often should you wash them?

A: Experts suggest that each family member should have their own and shouldn’t share them. But as for washing them, the advice is that some prefer to do it after every use, some prefer every other day and some simply wait until they start to smell a bit – but surely no longer than 3-4 days! The advice is that towels and bed linen need to be washed at 40C, despite the environmental benefits of a 30C wash.

The cleaners say five towels per person, each washed every few days.
The environmental experts say two towels per person, each washed every two weeks.

Q: How often should you change bed linen?

A: Experts suggest that weekly washing is often enough (unless someone’s ill in which case do it daily), and perhaps children’s linen can get away with being washed once a fortnight. Using a top sheet between body and duvet means that the duvet cover can be washed once a month. Environmentalists say it’s key to make sure you have a full load and use eco settings which works for greater water efficiency.

The cleaners say once a week
The environmental experts say once a week

Q: Should we wear shoes indoors?

A: A tricky one this and quite personal. Some people say that they don’t like bare feet indoors, others don’t like shoes indoors but don’t mind if it’s part of a specific outfit. If you don’t like it, you could always wash the floor after people have gone – but to be fair, floors don’t transmit many germs so it’s not that vital.

The cleaners say no.
The environmental experts say no.

Q: How often should jeans be washed?

A: Received wisdom seems to be more often if you’ve worn them outside. Some say every 8-10 wears. There is also the trick of freezing them for 24 hours to kill the germs that might make them smell while some denim manufacturers seem to think you can leave them for longer.

The cleaners say every 1-10 wears.
The environmental experts say when they’re dirty!

Q: Should we use a toilet brush?

A: Some say that they are a problem in themselves because they harbour the germs that they collectsimply moving them from one place to another and that rubber gloves and manual agitation is the way to go…

The cleaners say no.
The environmental experts that it’s not an environmental issue.

Q: What’s the best way to clean a cloth?

A: Despite the fact that you imagine an item used for cleaning to be clean by definition, it’s not the case as they spread germs like mad. They should be washed at 60C and you could even use proper laundry cleaner. Also, the cleaners recommend that tea-towels are washed after every use. Dishcloths should be washed or at least rinsed after every use or at least every day – and once they’ve started to actually look dirty, sling them. An environmental trick is to cut up old clothes to use as cloths rather than buying them specially.

The cleaners say after every use and at least daily.
The environmental experts say rinse after using and wash every two days.

Q: How often should we do the dusting?

A: Once a week should keep the chemicals in dust at bay suggest the cleaners – and the environmentalists suggest using a damp cloth with no products added.

The cleaners say once per week.
The environmental experts say once per week.

Q: How often should you vacuum under the bed?

A: Now this is one to make you blush…the cleaners suggest every few weeks, minimum, but every few days for asthma sufferers. Obviously how easy it is to get to and move the bed is an issue. No more than three months seems to be the maximum and of course, if you can reach, you could do it every time you vacuum.

The cleaners say, depending on how accessible it is, every few weeks.
The environmental experts say once per week if you can or at least as often as you can manage.

Q: How often should you deep clean the bathroom?

A: Well this depends on what you mean by deep clean – and that tends to happen when it looks dirty. Certainly, the cleaners think at least once a week – more with small children or bugs around, and the toilet, specifically, should be cleaned 2 or 3 times per week.

The cleaners say clean the toilet every day and the rest of the bathroom every week.
The environmental experts say as often as you think you should.

And finally,

Q: Should we shower in the morning or evening?

A: Well, it depends if you want to feel clean at the start of the day or the start of the night. Of course you could argue that if you go to bed clean, then you’re clean when you get up. Either way, environmentally, the trick is to keep the shower shorter than 4 minutes and to remember that the more products you use, the longer you’re likely to be – using more and more water.

The cleaners say that they can’t call it.
The environmental experts say whatever time you like.

So that’s it – all the cleaning questions that have been keeping you awake at night – sorted. You’re welcome!

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