How to clean different floor surfaces.

When it comes to your business premises, floors can create a great first

impression as people tend to look where they’re going. So, if they walk into your

office space to see shabby, worn floors – not to mention dirty – it’s not going to

look good.

Obviously, different floors have different surfaces which have different maintenance requirements. As with most things, the more you take care of them the less they’ll cost in the long run in terms of replacement or repair and the better they’ll look in the meantime.

As concrete floors are porous, they need protecting with a sealer to prevent moisture seeping in and causing damage. Easily maintained, they need dusting then washing with a standard floor cleaner and regular scrubbing and waxing.

Terrazzo floors are a little more demanding in that they need sealing with a specific terrazzo sealant so that the marble top and concrete backing remain intact even through heavy traffic and cleaning. After that, a quick mop with water and floor cleaner keeps them looking good.

Ceramic tile floors are really easy to maintain. They simply need sealing, washing with a mop and floor cleaner and then regular cleaning of the grout between the tiles.

Marble floors can be a little more demanding as marble, like concrete, is porous which makes it vulnerable to moisture and dirt, so a good sealant is crucial. Hot water and a gentle cleaner with a soft mop head will avoid damaging the sealant or discolouring the marble. After that, daily dusting and a damp mop should be sufficient.

Vinyl floors need to be kept dry as moisture can damage the adhesive and the lamination. They need wiping with a smooth cloth to avoid scratches and washing with a gentle cleaner that is safe for use on vinyl.

Slightly different from vinyl, linoleum floors simply need a quick dusting and a damp mop daily. However, because they’re a bit more prone to scuff marks, regularly applied linoleum floor wax polished off with a slightly damp cloth is recommended.

Finally, wooden floors must be protected from water which can irreversibly stain and damage. So, don’t wash wooden floors with water but dust and wipe them with a soft cloth and use specific wood cleaner for a deeper clean.

Office floor maintenance is important and it’s well worth getting it right.

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