Deep cleaning your personal workspace

For those returning to the office after time away, their workspace is probably going to need some specific care. Having been unused for any length of time there is likely to be a build up if dirt, dust and general grime.

Although a nuisance, the known productivity benefits of a clean and tidy workplace should mitigate the time taken to clean up, as well making the office more pleasant in general for all.

Once you are at your workstation and ready to go, start on the left and move round in a clockwise direction. Move items into boxes out of the way where you can and be ruthless about disposing of anything that you no longer need or is no longer relevant such as old pieces of paper or post-its which shredding and recycled as appropriate.

If some of your clutter is from home, take it back. If pens don’t work, get rid of them. If snacks are out of date, bin them.

Next, get rid of the displaced dust that is now swirling from your decluttering. Don’t use scratchy paper but do use soft cloths and brushes designed for safe use on monitors and keyboards because they will also be fine for lamps and chairs.

A small soft brush or compressed air from a can also clean the keyboard safely. If you’re not sure, check the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damage.

Hand held vacuum cleaners rather than a dustpan and brush are far better at removing the fluff and grime from inside drawers and vacuum the floor around your seat last.

Use a disinfecting wipe or microfibre cloth to go over hard surfaces – including the inside of drawers and trays, mouse, headsets, mouse mats etc. Just be careful not to get cleaning fluids inside any electronic items.

Once it’s been done, keeping your personal workstation and workspace clean and tidy is far easier from then on. Just don’t forget to wash your mug…

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