Deep cleaning a carpet – properly

In any home or workplace, carpets take a hammering. From traipsed-in mud, to spilt tea and coffee, to the unfortunate incident with the red wine, to what we might label the inevitable carpet jeopardy of having children and pets, it’s little wonder that carpets require a real deep clean from time to time.

Carpets take up a lot of surface area in any building, domestic or commercial, which means there is a large area to create an impression, good or bad.

Yet really, there are four main steps to carrying out the perfect carpet deep clean at home:

Firstly, preparation. Carpets can be treated pre-clean with a stain inhibitor that repels dirt and spills, including those that are oil-based. A pre-treatment spray should break down any stains and soiling prior to cleaning with an extraction machine so that the machine is more effective at removing deeply engrained dirt. It should also help repel it afterwards because the pre-clean treatment contains ant-static agents that inhibit dry dirt from being attracted.

Obviously, giving the carpet a thorough vacuuming before the clean will remove any loose dirt and dust, and prevent it from being pushed further into the carpet fibres.

Secondly, the solution. Having vacuumed and followed the pre-cleaning spray instructions, the next step is to prepare a cleaning solution. There are plenty of commercial solutions available, or you might want to try a DIY the combination of 3 parts water to one part distilled vinegar combined in a spray bottle.

Spray the solution over the area of carpet to be cleaned until damp and leave for at least 5 minutes so that it can break down the dirt, then blot it all over with an absorbent cloth (microfibre is your friend here) to remove the dirt.

Thirdly, dry. It’s vital that the clean carpet is able to dry out completely before it is returned to use. Woollen carpets in particular must have time to dry out entirely so ventilation to speed things up and patience is key. Open the windows to allow a current of air through the room and keep the carpet out of bounds until it’s dry.

Finally, maintenance. Regular vacuuming and speedy treatment of spillages will help maintain the newly clean carpet in top condition. A powerful vacuum cleaner which incorporates a brush and beater will help extract the bits of dust, dirt and debris which are bound to accumulate over time. Spot cleaning with a specific product should help minimise the effect of stains and spills.

By following a few simple steps, your carpets should stay looking better for longer at home. In an office environment, it’s probably worth including carpet deep cleans in your professional cleaning company’s regime.

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