For a long time, cleaning the office was usually done after (or before) hours and folk turned up for work the next day to a nice, clean space. However, cleaning during office hours is becoming more and more frequent, so what, if any, are the benefits and how do the office employees feel about it?

One advantage has to be a reduction in energy use, and therefore cost. Obviously, if the cleaners are working when the office is open anyway, heating and lighting costs are reduced as neither are being used overnight.

But it’s inevitable that there could be difficulties too, if both sets of workers are not used to working around each other. Cleaners still need to work quickly and quietly so as not to distract the office workers.

Advocates of daytime cleaning, however, suggest that when the office workers actually see the cleaning being done, they appreciate the work and the person who’s doing it, and of course when they see the cleaner, they can simply ask them to do a specific task if something is causing them a particular problem. Not to mention the fact that office workers might be a bit more careful about cleaning up after themselves if they have to see the person who picks up the crisp packet they just dropped on the floor or empty the bin full of dirty tissues.

To look at office workers’ attitudes, a study into the effects that daytime cleaning had on office workers was carried out, aiming to find out whether office staff felt comfortable with the cleaners’ presence or just saw them as ‘in the way’. And it seemed that attitudes varied greatly. For example, most people wanted soap, towels and toilet paper automatically replenished during the day, but weren’t so happy having their desk cleaned or the carpet vacuumed as they tried to work.

Clearly, despite technological progress, cleaning is very much all about the people – both cleaners and recipients. If cleaners are motivated, well-trained and respected, they, like everyone else, are more likely to be efficient and productive than if they feel stressed and undervalued. As with so much, successful outcomes are encouraged by successful relationships, and relationships develop when people are actually in the same place at the same time.

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