Covid and bathroom design

In the current situation, technology has played a significant part in changing the way we behave, for example participating in video calls rather than face to face meetings and using contactless payment instead of cash.

In a post-pandemic world, this is only set to continue with house renovation projects likely to incorporate smart technology such as sensor-controlled bathrooms. Given that new build houses are typically smaller than in the past, 4.4 square metres is the current size of the average bathroom, so space is a premium and new tech solutions are increasingly figuring in bathroom design.

Bathrooms are important – both for a bit of peace and quiet, and historically for prevention of disease. Spanish flu, cholera and TB to name a few thrived alongside bathroom development in the 20th century and as people’s understanding of disease grew, so did the importance of easily cleaned surfaces and spaces to limit the spread of germs.

With the onset of antibiotics, bathrooms were afforded more aesthetic consideration (think carpets, and bath, basin and toilet sets…). But now we’re moving to a new era of bathroom design. Infra-red and touchless technology is likely to become more mainstream and maximising hygiene will be high on the agenda.

Innovative coatings that can help prevent stains and make cleaning easier provide non-porous, smooth, and high-gloss surfaces, maintaining both high levels of hygiene and the concept of bathrooms as clean spaces in the home.

Rimless technology and more efficient flushing systems remove difficult to clean areas and make regular cleaning easier. And believe it or not, wall-hung toilets are predicted to become increasingly popular as they maximise space or make tiny areas usable. Not only this, as the cisterns and piping are hidden (though easily accessible for installation and access), the surface area on which germs can settle is reduced.

When it comes to bathroom design, the tech might change but the principles of hygiene remain the same.

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