Commercial cleaners – why wouldn’t you?

Running a business can be highly rewarding yet also highly stressful. Business owners are under constant pressure – both good and bad – and inevitably they must prioritise their decisions and their time. Which means that some things, such as hiring a professional cleaning company, can come low on the agenda – when in fact, it could simply and easily remove the bother of one more thing to be dealt with.

So why can people be reluctant to take the relatively simple, value-adding step of hiring commercial cleaners?

If you run a business, you are focused on costs and you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary expenses. Which makes perfect sense as you want to know what you are paying for and why. After all, most people are unlikely to pay someone to clean their homes every day so why should you pay for someone to clean your premises?

You might think, depending on your business, that your staff can clean up after themselves, or even organise a rota. You might think that that your premises are not very dirty anyway and that a quick dust and vacuum should do it. But really, you know that it’s always going to be dirtier than you can see – and you can’t assume that your clients or customers will either not notice or be as forgiving.

The pandemic has highlighted hygiene and cleanliness practices in the workplace as a high priority and as we move forward, feeling safe in the workplace will play a crucial part in staff engagement and company culture.

Though staff might tidy their own workstation and rinse their own mugs, they won’t professionally clean lift buttons and door handles, empty their bins, clean the glass, get the vacuum out or polish and buff the floors, clean the toilets etc. And if they do, it’s unlikely to be willingly – and they’re not doing the work that they’re being paid for…

Then there’s the question of trust. Business owners might not like the idea of strangers in their premises when it’s likely to be empty which is entirely understandable, but professional cleaning companies are exactly that – professional. Their employees are there to do a professional job and a reputable company will have all the necessary insurance and compliances in place and available for the wary business owner to see.

The benefit of using a professional commercial cleaning service for a business is clear and understandable. So is the hesitation of the business owner.

However, hiring professional cleaners daily, flexibly, or even for disaster recovery is a value-adding business decision which once taken is rarely regretted.

But because trust is crucial to any successful business relationship, choosing a local, professional, reputable company is key.

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