Cleaning on spec and on budget.

How do you get your office areas cleaned on spec and on budget?

Obviously, choosing the right cleaning contractor is key, and one of the reasons you should pick them is that they offer flexible and efficient solutions, tailored to your requirements, with a full understanding that their work affects the impression your business gives.

A good company will use what they smell and what they touch to assess whether the area is clean, as well as what they see, so finger marks, cobwebs and other general grime should be routinely dealt with. And hopefully, they should bring to attention any problems that they can’t fix by cleaning such as damp or mould rather than just ignoring it.

Likewise, thorough cleaning should preserve the life of fixtures and fittings and could even be seen as a low level form of maintenance.

In modern office blocks, glass and other surfaces that reflect are popular, and while they look sharp, modern and appealing, they can really highlight dirt, dust, smudges, and fingerprints so your cleaners should be aware of this. In addition, because of the pandemic, good cleaners will be well aware of the need to sanitize thoroughly.

Increasingly, cleaning has been able to utilise technology for faster, more streamlined results. Using a microfibre cloth on a window is a lot more evolved than old newspaper and vinegar! So, a good cleaning company will know which equipment is worth it and use it accordingly.

Similarly, there is much choice available when it comes to cleaning fluids so if you have any particular preferences, it’s certainly worth discussing them with your cleaning company.

Ultimately, by having an awareness of your requirements and an open dialogue with your chosen cleaners you will fulfil your expectations when it comes to cleaning your business, on time, on spec, and on budget.

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