Obviously, a building fire is a very distressing experience and safety is always the first priority. Once the building has been deemed safe to enter, wearing shoes, long-sleeved shirts and trousers, safety glasses, masks and work gloves are sensible precautions.

Starting with the exterior, clean the gutters of any ash or debris then using a power washer, remove as much soot and residue as possible. Residual foam may need to be removed with a scraper and other marks can be attacked with a stiff brush and cleaning solution.

Work from the top down, use window cleaner on the windows then, after removing any solid debris, power wash the driveway and paths.

Inside the property, open the windows and use fans to increase air circulation while removing any standing water. Using a dehumidifier will help to get rid of the odour and in colder weather put the heating on too. Remove any wet vinyl flooring, carpets, and underlay and dispose of it if necessary.

Next, inspect the interior surfaces including the ceilings for soot. To remove the soot from interior walls and furniture, using rubber gloves and an appropriate cleaner, start at the top of the wall or object and wash a small area at a time using a sponge. Immediately rinse each section with clean water and allow to air dry. 

When the walls and ceilings are completely dry (a minimum of 24-48 hours after cleaning) you can repaint them.

Any washable fabrics that are smoky but not stained can be washed as usual though it may take a few cycles to remove the smell.

If the damage is significant or overwhelming, it may be sensible to use a professional cleaning company as they have the specialist knowledge and equipment required. 

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