Clean office worries

Recent research suggests that almost 30% of UK office employees are so concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene levels in their office that they have raised it as an issue with their employers.

Though around 40% of employees appear satisfied with the cleanliness level of their workspace – that cleanliness was good and hygiene a priority for their employers -approximately 30% felt that they had received little or no guidance on cleaning or new health and safety measures post-Covid.

When asked about how unsatisfactory cleanliness in the office made them feel, 40% said disgusted, 40% said stressed and 42% said anxious, 26% felt that they were unproductive and 22% even reported feeling angry. What’s more, companies themselves reported that staff productivity reduced when standards of office cleanliness were lessened.

A new report has suggested that post Covid-19, cleanliness habits have changed for people when commuting too. 24% said they no longer use public transport, just under 50% avoid touching any surfaces on public transport, and almost 30% would wait for a train or bus which had more space available.

Clearly, cleanliness and hygiene in the office is a high priority and area of concern for many workers, despite them feeling some relief at no longer having to work from home.

However, because of the apparent effect on staff anxiety and productivity due to standards of cleanliness and hygiene, companies that prioritise these areas in terms of policy, guidance, or even through commercial contract cleaning, are more likely to raise or increase staff confidence and therefore, staff engagement.

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