Choosing the right cleaning company.

There’s a lot of choice out there and choosing the right cleaning company for your business be quite a challenge. Different businesses will have different cleaning requirements and it’s important to understand what services you actually need to help you make the right decision.

  • The presentation of your business is key to the impression you give to clients.
  • Different companies may provide different cleaning services.
  • You need to understand the cleaning requirements of your specific business to make an informed choice.

Numerous studies have established the link between employee productivity and a clean workplace in terms of staff motivation, the ability to focus, efficiency, a reduction in staff absence through sickness, and a generally happier and more satisfied workforce.

Whilst employee satisfaction is a key metric of a successful business, it’s also important to consider what a clean workplace means to clients and customers.

First impressions count and although, like any of us, a client or prospective customer walking into a clean, tidy environment will find it more appealing on the surface, underneath they will be making judgements. If they enter a clean, cared-for, professional-looking workplace they are far more likely think that you will reflect that care and professionalism in your work.

Whether it’s for an office building or an educational, health, retail or leisure setting, you need to be sure that your chosen cleaning company has the right offering and can provide exactly the cleaning services you need.

So, what commercial cleaning services are actually available?

General commercial cleaning is what most people think of with regard to business cleans. Put simply, a team of cleaners will come to the workplace and take care of the cleaning. A cleaning contract will agree the core services to be provided with exact detail of specific tasks to be carried out, and any additional tasks can be negotiated separately as these may vary depending on whether the setting is a school, restaurant, retail area, showroom, office, medical setting etc. and it may be agreed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Deep cleaning can be more flexible and is more in depth as it is not likely to be required regularly. For example, a landlord may require the deep cleaning of property between tenants,  a car showroom may require a monthly deep clean on top of daily general cleans, and a warehouse or factory may require deep cleaning even less frequently.

Specialist cleaning may cover infection control and decontamination requirements which need a cleaning company that can offer a full range of infection control measures.

Having established the type of cleaning you think your business needs, all that’s left is to choose the right commercial cleaning company. If, initially, you think that you require daily office cleans then it’s worth considering whether your requirements may change or need any additional services at a later date. It’s better to establish a relationship from the outset with a professional company that you trust, which can fulfil both your current and any potential future cleaning requirements, than agree to a service that cannot help you at a later date.

Ultimately, a company that can provide the daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning you need, plus any deep cleans and specialist cleans which may become necessary will be trustworthy, experienced, reliable and flexible.

Finding the right cleaning company and building that relationship means that your business looks its professional best, your staff will be engaged and productive, and you can get on with doing what you do best without having to worry about giving the right impression.

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