How to choose your company.

In the current circumstances, a reliable cleaning company – for home or workplace – is probably something worth having, particularly if cleaning isn’t your forte or you’re pushed for time.

However, there are plenty of cleaning companies out there, so here are some ideas to help you choose the right one for you.  

Firstly, create a list of what you need, and what you want your cleaners to do. In the workplace, does it all need cleaning or just part of it? Do you simply want a basic clean or are there more specialised or additional services you need? By filtering your requirements in the first place, you’ll save both time and money – and you can always add or remove services at a later date.

As with so many things, word of mouth and personal recommendations from people you trust is usually well worth listening to. Reputable cleaning companies have good reputations for a reason – however, it’s also helpful to do some online research of your own to back up what you’ve been told. Look for positive reviews, ratings, and feedback on the companies you are considering, to help you get an overall picture.

Don’t forget to compare prices and what you get for them – a bargain is less of a bargain if there are hidden costs or if you’re not getting the services you need, and you might prefer the experience and reputation that comes with a well-established name.

When you think you’ve decided, or at least got a shortlist, it might be worth actually meeting a representative of the company just to be sure you’re happy that they’ll do what you need to your satisfaction – and of course, if you’re collecting quotes, you’ll meet them when they come to look round in any case.

Remember that it’s your money so you’ve got to be happy with how you’re spending it. If you’re considering a company that won’t give you a quote, or you don’t understand their pricing set up, then it might be worth asking yourself why.

Really, this is sensible advice for any significant purchase or service, but a little bit of planning and research might give you one less thing to worry about.

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