Cleaning the bathroom.

Surely cleaning the bathroom is one of the least enjoyable yet most satisfying of household chores. It’s the room that keeps no secrets so above all others it should get the most attention.

Remember that the bathroom takes a hammering all day everyday with particular pressure points at certain times, so it’s little wonder that the bathroom runs more risk than others of mould, bacteria and general grubbiness thanks to lots of steam, water and general grime.

So, what’s to be done?

Firstly, deep clean your bathroom every fortnight as an absolute minimum, and preferably every week. In between times you could give the shower, bath, and basin a quick wipe down every few days and definitely do that for the loo and taps.

When it comes to a deep clean, nip grout grime in the bud by scrubbing it weekly with a specific cleaner or a weak bleach solution. Wear gloves and apply with a stiff brush, wait for a few minutes then scrub and rinse off.

There’s no doubt that the bathroom sink takes a beating. As well as general soap residue, it has to handle hair and toothpaste, all of which combine to create a great base for germs. Use disinfectant to spray the sink and taps thoroughly and then leave for around 10 minutes for the disinfectant to work – people often make the mistake of wiping immediately which can defeat the object of using disinfectant.

Obviously, we can’t forget the loo. It serves a vital purpose and requires attention. Use a dedicated toilet cleaner and let it stand for a few minutes before you go in with the brush, and then flush. Use a spray on the seats and handles and when the brush has dried, try to remember to spray the bristles and holder with disinfectant too.

For the bathroom floor, sweep first – for such a damp area it can be a surprising dust magnet – then use a specific floor cleaner or diluted disinfectant to clean the floor. For safety’s sake, get it dry as quickly as possible by opening doors and windows and to encourage fresh air.

The bath itself is a haven of relaxation for many people. To get the best out of it, use a specific cleaner suitable for the surface of your bath, open the window if the fumes are quite strong, and make sure you rinse properly so there’s no residue for the next user. There are all sorts of specific cleaners and erasers for a particularly tough job, but cleaning regularly tends to keep it as a low maintenance task.

Cleaning little and often is good advice when it comes to the bathroom.

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