AR transforms cleaning

New technology has led to quick and impressive advancements in augmented reality, and it has become an increasingly popular and exciting field of work since the development of games such as Pokémon Go.

Companies are  planning to use smart glasses with their cleaning staff, which will create a seismic change in the cleaning business. One company has recently made an international patent application for AR use with smart glasses.

Although the new product is still in development, it is predicted that in about 2 years augmented reality will be used  to support cleaning staff around the world, using smart glasses to enhance services and quality, and vastly increase savings.

It’s only a matter of time before this innovative application becomes completely integrated in the cleaning industry. Smart glasses will be used to record and document the entire cleaning process, and project cleaning information in real time, useful for training new employees and just making sure the overall service is effective.

In order to ensure that the cleaning service is thorough, the glasses will show, for example, areas that have been cleaned in green and areas that require cleaning in red.

Furthermore, the application will use sensors to communicate with other smart cleaning appliances such as vacuums, mops and even gloves. These sensors will be used to show if the appliance is being used correctly, even down to ensuring the correct pressure is being applied with a sponge.

Potentially new systems will keep track on materials and stock, and can reorder stock if necessary. They can also identify any quality issues, and ensure that the correct tools are being used at all times.

The benefits of these developments are potentially significant, saving a huge amount of money in the training of staff and the cost of quality control alone.

Overall, we are convinced that augmented reality will revolutionise the cleaning industry, and will be invaluable to cleaning businesses.

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