Are landlords cleaning up?

Landlords have been feeling the impact of the coronavirus just like everyone else, and both tenants and property owners have had to navigate the last 18 months carefully.

As we come out of lockdown and cautiously look ahead to what we all hope is a lessening of restrictions and return to a more normal situation, the need to be vigilant continues and that’s exactly where professional cleaning services can be used – both by tenants and landlords.

For landlords a major consideration, especially under current circumstances, is that thorough end of tenancy cleaning – part of the tenancy agreement – is carried out. Not only should it take place as a matter of course when a tenant vacates a property, it may even be worth the landlord does it again prior to the arrival of the next tenant.

Prospective tenants are likely to have the cleanliness of a property high on their agenda as a result of coronavirus and the way it has shaped people’s attitudes and behaviours over the last 18 months. Even though the onus is likely to have been on the previous tenants to clean thoroughly, new tenants are more likely to look to the owner of the property to ensure that a property is satisfactorily cleaned and disinfected before they consider moving in.

Generally, tenants are expected to return the property in as good and clean condition as it was when they received it (with fair wear and tear accepted) and they are entitled to choose the means for sanitisation. This does not mean that they are obliged to engage the services of professional cleaners – though of course they can if they so wish.

For the landlord, therefore, it may be worth budgeting for a professional clean from a reputable local company to give prospective tenants peace of mind, as well as giving the landlord peace of mind that they have ensured the safety of tenants as best they can.

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