The smell-detecting app.

SMClean NW | Commercial Office CleaningAn electronics company based in Japan is developing a device for the hygiene conscious that can detect unpleasant odours, and tell you what others may be too polite to say. The pocket size gadget will use sensors to detect smells like sweat, as well as other undesirable aromas.

The gadget will link to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, and, by detecting certain chemicals that are often found in unpleasant odours, will warn the user if any of these compounds are discovered. These chemicals are common in smells like sweaty feet, or grease, and they can even detect a chemical associated with the aging process.

Given that it is often difficult to detect your own smell, the developers hope that the device will be in demand amongst the more self-conscious. The firm is also hoping that in the near future, more smells, such as pets, will be identifiable.

The information, when it is sent to the smartphone app, will tell users if they smell by running the data through a smell-test. The user passes, then none of the chemicals have been detected. If not, then the device has picked up some smelly compounds.

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