A clean workplace matters

Workers are finally returning to the office and now, more than ever, a clean space will be high on the agenda for company culture in terms of perception, productivity, and safety.

The environment will be crucial to staff engagement and one way to support this is by keeping the office clean.

A clean office should help to reduce post-virus anxiety, and easing staff back with confidence is crucial for productivity and morale, besides making a far better first impression on customers and visitors.

Regular, visible sanitisation in addition to general cleaning and tidying helps to stop the spread of germs and limit their transmission. This, in turn, will genuinely contribute to the safety of staff and visitors as well as increasing confidence.

A tidier space to work can lead to greater productivity. Not only does it help staff to concentrate without the (often unarticulated) dissatisfaction of working in a dirty or untidy environment, it can help them do more, better, in the time they have. Cleanliness and productivity are strongly linked.

With staff returning to the workspace, so too are customers and a good first impression counts. A high standard of cleanliness and hygiene that is immediately visible to visitors suggests to them that a similar high standard will be applied to the goods or services the business provides. It certainly won’t put them off in the way an unclean environment might. A clean office may be taken for granted and not particularly noticed by a visiting client or customer, but a dirty office surely will be.

In addition, a dirty, grimy office, with abandoned food and wrappers lying round or left in unemptied bins are far more likely to attract unwanted insects and worse, especially as the weather warms up throughout spring and summer. Not only could this provide a health hazard and added expense to solve should professional pest control services be required, it would make the environment very unpleasant so prevention here is far better than cure.

A clean workplace matters. Regular, commercial contract cleaning and sanitation provided by a professional company experienced in cleaning for offices, housing associations, showrooms, car showrooms, laboratories, healthcare and commercial premises can provide personalised cleaning solutions and peace of mind for businesses.

ServiceMaster Clean provides exceptional commercial office and industrial cleaning in the North West.

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